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Diode Pumped Solid State

Model ATC-53-250, ATC-53-350 and ATC-106-500

ATC-SD manufactures diode pumped solid-state lasers with intracavity frequency doubling.
ATC-SD's laser diodes are used as a pumping source for DPSSLs, which ensures the most cost effective and reliable solutions.

DPSSLs are air-cooled and have a built-in system of thermostabilization, based on Peltier thermo-electric coolers. The laser diode driver LDD-10, equipped with additional thermo-stabilization circuits, serves as a power supply and control unit for the whole system.
DPSSLs are designed for easy installation and ready for immediate operation.

The device is intended for use as a powerful source of coherent radiation in metrology, holography, for non-destructive control of surfaces, for show programs etc. DPSSL can also be used in medicine and for the decision of various scientific and technical tasks.


The main technical parameters:

Model ATC-53-250/350/500 ATC-53-1000 ATC-106-500 ATC-106-1500
Wavelength of radiation, nm 532 ± 0.03 1060 ± 0.03
Output power in CW operation mode, W 0.25/0.35/0.50 1.0 0.50 1.5
Mоde structure TEM00
Divergence of beam j (mrad) j < 4 j < 5
The stability of light power (for 1 hour),
no worse than
± 5 %
Diameter of a light beam D, mm < 0.8 < 1.0 mm < 0.8 < 1.0 mm
Network power supply 220 В/ 50 Гц or 110 В/ 60 Гц
Dimensions of a power unit, mm 260х240х100
Dimensions of a laser head, mm 135x90x85 200x120x80 135x90x85 200x120x80
Weight of the complete set, no more than, kg 6 7.5 6 7.5