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ATC - Semiconductor Devices was founded in 1992. Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists in fundamental and applied solid-state physics, semiconductor physics and semiconductor technology. They have huge experience of research work in the Soviet and Russian Academy of Science institutions, such as Ioffe Physical-technical institute and Politechnical institute in Saint-Petersburg. Working within the Saint-Petersburg Regional Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development, ATC-SD participates in Russian Goverument grant projects.

Our Corporate Mission is to supply ready-to use solutions in order to laser radiation improves quality of human life at every turn. The highly skilled engineering staff having broad experience in applied solid-state and semiconductor physics, up-to-date manufacturing technology and production facilities as well as professional management position ATC-SD at the forefront of modern optoelectronics. The overall performance of the company is controlled by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.

ATC-SD has own unique facilities and performs a full-cycle production of high power laser diodes, arrays and modules, drivers, laser medical devices and diode pumped solid state lasers. Our products and technology are used in a variety of high-tech applications including solid state laser pumping, medicine, space communications, material processing, beacon and illumination, alarm systems, automation and robotics, spectroscopy etc.

We are intensively involved in cooperation with different international and national private companies, research institutes and governmental projects, all focused on high-tech assistance. ATC-SD's international business philosophy is to ensure, besides the technical solutions, timely delivery and fast service for total satisfaction of every customer around the world.

The base and the source of progressive
development of the company are:

ATC-SD features

Nowadays ATC-SD is the leader in developing of high power laser diode technology in Russia.
ATC-SD has successful experience in transfer of its technology to a number of scientific institutes in South-East Asia.
Scientists of ATC-SD provided a few training programmes and joint research with the oriental scientists.