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Laser modules produced by LIMO firm

ATC-SD is is the official representative of LIMO firm.

LIMO GmbH offers you 16 years of experience in the industrial use of new optical technologies in combination with volume-production of micro-optics and laser systems. This firm founded in 1992 and has 220 employees, 24 nations and more than 300 patents The special advantages of LIMO solutions lie in the optimized combination of laser sources and beam shaping optics, which allows an efficient and reliable operation of the systems. At the interface between laser source and application, we have a unique range of solutions for the development and manufacture of optics and laser systems.

At our headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, we employ an international team of more than 220 engineers, physicists, technicians and many other technical staff from a total of 24 nations. This team consists of an optimized technology-mix in order to achieve a reliable and quick cooperation with our customers and partners.

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