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Laser medical device model LATUS PDT

LATUS PDT is laser medical device class IIa and intended for non contacted photodynamic therapy.

Assignment of the device:

The modern compact laser device for treatment of oncological diseases by method of photodynamic therapy, and also for treatment of arthritis and long healing wounds. For treatment of oncological diseases the device is used together with a new antineoplastic preparation - photosensitizer of the second generation based on Chlorine E6.

Main advantages:

  • Mobility.
  • Ease of maintenance and operation. Latus lasers are ready to work immediately after turning on.
  • No need of water or external air cooling.
  • Warranty (12 months) and after-warranty services.
  • Training of experts.
  • Methodological, licence and information support.

Main technical characteristics of the device:

Wavelength of radiation, nm 665±5
Output power, W 2
Mode of operation Pulsed or CW
Pulse duration, ms 0,01 to 10
Exposure, sec/ min 1 с - 30
Fiber core diameter, microns 400 or 600
Dimensions, mm 275х240х100
Weight of the complete set, no more than, kg 4,6
Network power supply, V/Hz 220/50
Cooling Internal thermoelectric

Areas of medical applications for Latus-PDT series devices:

  • Dermatology, cosmetology, vascular pathologies
  • Oncology

Supply contents:

  • Apparatus Latus-PDT main unit.
  • Foot pedal for remote switching the laser emission on and off.
  • Оptical fiber instument delivering laser radiation to the working area.
  • Protective goggles for dictor and patient.
  • The optical fiber chopping tool.
  • Block key.
  • Power cord.
  • Fiber optic instrument holder.
  • Transportation packaging.