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Technical characteristics of the real-time PCR machine "ANK"

Machines ANK are characterized by:

  • DNA/RNA quantitation from a single to 109 copies
  • up to five-colours fluorescence detection, possibility of detecting a great number of fluorescent dyes - SYBR Green I, FAM, R 6 G, HEX, JOE, ROX, TAMRA, Cy 5 and others
  • possibility of multiplex PCR design
  • high sensitivity of all detection channels, which allows working with down to 0,5 pico-mole probes per reaction
  • user-friendly, convenient software, modern algorithms of threshold cycles calculation and ability to choose variants of data analysis
  • reduction of contamination risk, time saving, simplification of PCR-laboratory organizationи

Общее описание и области применения
Таблица спецификация на линейку приборов АНК 64, АНК 32, АНК 4

Лазерные диоды и линейки
Охлаждающие лазерные головки
Дополнительная фокусирующая оптика
Блоки питания лазерных диодов
Твердотельные лазеры с диодной накачкой
Лазерные медицинские приборы
Latus series laser medical devices
Laser medical device model Latus PDT
Стенд для долговременных испытаний лазерных диодов
Лазерные системы для научных и учебных целей
Лазерные модули продукции фирмы ЛИМО

Characteristics АНК-4 АНК-16 АНК-32 АНК-64
Number of samples 4 16 32 64
Type and volume of test tubes, ml Standart,with transparent dome lid; 0,2
Temperature range, °С 4 – 99
Temperature range, °С ± 0.15
Temperature precision in range from 40 tо 95°С, °С ± 0.1
Heating and cooling rate of tfe thermal block °С per second 2,5 1.5
Adjustable heating of the thermal lid,°С 95–110
Accuracy of maintaining lid temperature ,°С ± 1
Optical unit
Light sourse 4 LED’s Halogen lamp
Detector Photo-electronic mdltiplier tube
Consumption wavelengthes, nm 490, 530, 580, 630
Registrarion wavelengthes, nm 520, 550, 610, 670
Sensitivity of each channel (FAM,R6G,ROX и Cy5) not more then, М 10-9 2.5·10-9
General characteristics
Power consumption, W 100 300
Size, mm 320 х 259 х 220 340x400x420
Weight, kg 5,5 26
Warranty 2 year

Analytical characteristics of real-time PCR machine ANK
Possibility of identifying small differences in amounts of original DNA Wide dynamic range of DNA quantitation

High accuaracy and fine precision of measurement results. The spead in values of threshold cyccles for 32 equal samples amounts to ± 0.11 Possibility of multiplex PCR design


Institute for analytical instrumentation Russian Academy of Sciences


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