The know-how for high power laser diode (LD) and laser array (LA) manufacturing has been developed basing on 15-years of experience of ATC-SD specialists in research, development and manufacturing of LD.

The know-how comprises a complete technological cycle for post-growth processing of laser heterostructures, and production of LD's and LA's with the generation wavelength 0,79 - 0,98 micron.
The proposed technology provides the manufacturing of high efficient, high power LD with output optical power up to 4 W (CW) and LA with output optical power up to 100 W (QCW) for the following applications:


Technology description

An original technological cycle includes the following basic technological operations:

The proposed technology supplies monitoring of optical electric parameters of structures and chips at separate stages. It provides fabrication of laser diodes with low series ohmic resistance, heat resistance of 5-10 degree/W and internal quantum efficiency of active layers about 100%.


ATC-SD offers a complete set of technical documentation, provides training and know-how transfer to Customer's staff both in the laboratories of the ATC-SD and of the Customer ones.

ATC-SD also offers technological equipment providing implementation of the developed technological processes with highest efficiency.



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