Real-time PCR devices

ATC - Semiconductor devices and Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS, representative a series of devices for real-time PCR analyses.

These devices appropriate to detect and measure the initial amount of specific DNA (RNA) in the studied sample in a wide dynamic range up to 109 copies.
These devices can be used for research, and for mass analysis.

The method is based on the detection of fluorescence signal during the reaction, which allows observing the process of accumulation of product during the PCR, rather than after the reaction. Fluorescence signal during the PCR increases in proportion to the amount of product amplification. Monitoring of the signal allows building a kinetic curve of reaction. The greater the number of DNA in the sample, the earlier start of growth observed fluorescence signal and the lower the threshold cycle.
This technology enables to make registration directly through the wall of the reaction test-tube that eliminates the ingress production response to environmental and laboratory contamination.

The advantages of real-time PCR are as follows:

The main areas of application for the «ANK» devices


Sanitary-epidemiological studies

ANK device includes:

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